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Seize your vacation in Sifnos by learning about the Greek culture through allternative, yet effective methods that combine an in person experience on the island, its attractions and local traditions, with French and/or Greek courses, given by Maria Trapali on daily basis.
The courses are adjustable to all ages and educational levels and they are given in an entertaining way with respect to your personal needs and pace of living on the island. Thus we manage to harmoniously “marry” life in Nature (hiking, swimming) and the opportunities offered in Sifnos with learning Greek and French as a foreign language during your staying on the Island. On the same time we enhance contacts between our French visitors and French people who already live in Sifnos, as a more experiential approach of the language and as an exchange of cultural experiences.

Knowing the language will help you to better understand the local culture, to communicate with the local people and get involved in the island’s life.
That’s why we are proposing to enrich your holiday with a course of Modern Greek.
The lessons, both individual and in groups, are taught by a native speaker teacher with extensive experience teaching the Greek language to foreigners, children and adults.
The teaching method is interactive and takes into account the specific interests of the students. It utilizes the culture, traditions and everyday life of the island to teach the language in a dynamic way and will allow you to apply right away the skill you learn.
The course will be structured in a way compatible with your needs and personal rhythms, so as to combine the timing of holiday and leisure with those of the study.

We propose two different courses: Basic  or Intensive.

A few words from Maria.

Μy name is Μaria Τrapali, and I’m from Athens, Greece. I studied French and Greek Philology and I did a Master’s Degree in Paris IV-Sorbonne on Francophonie. I speak French and English fluently and a little bit of German. My main profession is teaching French to Greeks yet there have been some years also that I started giving Greek lessons to foreigners who wanted to have an in person experience of the Greek Culture and our tradition. I teach our language through greek songs and their lyrics, poetry, literature and everyday life. These are inseparable elements of Greece and my teaching method too.

 I first visited Sifnos on 2007 and I live here ever since.
It was love at first sight, that’s why I decided to quit Athens and come to live on the island. Since the beginning I felt its distinctive charm and in the course of time I came to know it better and got a warm reception by the local community.
I now feel blessed living among those hospitable and happy people who live their life through tradition. I married one of them, my beloved husband Kostas and now we share our lives with Katerina – our little daughter. Now I feel at home on the island and would be happy to share with you my love for this beautiful place.
I love Nature and I feel responsible of our Planet. That’s why I am a member of  “Sifnos Island Cooperative”, which aims a sustainable environmental development for our Island. Outdoors activities such as hicking, swimming and yoga are part of my everyday life and I am looking forward to share all these things and my love for this place with you all.


Courses are given either in my office, which I turn into a beautiful classroom, located in St. Louka-Artemonas or in a place that suits you more (your hotel or apartment).


To children and adults who would like to:

Discover Sifnos through a new language and at the same time discover the Sifnian lifestyle.

Learn to express themselves orally and through writing in French and/or in Greek.

Approach Greek and French Culture through literary texts, poems, songs, news, games

Practice Greek language in the place where it is spoken.

Communicate with the locals and experience their festivals, traditions and customs of their country.

Prepare themselves for the official diplomas of the French Education Ministry DELF, DALF and SORBONNE with Mrs.Trapali Maria,a certified teacher of the CIEP International Pedagogical Studies Center.

Improve their professional profile by learning how to communicate in the native language of a potential client.(e.g. Hospitality and F&B professionals)


Using mostly interactive methods like audiovisuals, educational programs on the computer.

We also have a rich library with Greek, French books and magazines for all ages.

Telling Fairy tales, short stories, readings and discussions taking place while having a coffee, or drinking either ouzo or wine or raki produced by my husband Ko.


We  responsibly look after your child with a fun and creative way. Tales, songs, dance, body expression, games in French or Greek in the friendly space of KATE in order to develop the vocabulary, imagination and self-expression of the child.



2008 FIRST PRIZE for the students of Ms.Maria Trapali in the annual competition of the French Institute in Athens with the participation of the Sifnian pottery artist Mr.Gianni Apostolidis.

2013 Students of Ms. Trapali presented a series of games and activities, to a Greek-French audience of various ages, based on the book of Beatrice Alemannia “A Lion in Paris.” The coexistence of two nationalities among the magnificent surroundings of the island was unique!

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